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Online social work programs provide you with the skills you need to pursue a rewarding career helping individuals and communities.

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Though the field has a broad scope, you can specialize in an area that suits your interests, whether it’s working with individuals, children, veterans, or elderly adults. Earning your social work degree online offers the flexibility to study while employed, the opportunity to make connections in the industry and earn field experience, and prepare for the social work licensure exam.

Learn more about the variety of social work degrees available online, what you should look for in a school and program, career outcomes, and more.

Is a Social Work Degree Worth It?

An online social work degree gives you the credentials needed to help individuals and communities. Depending on your career level, having a degree can increase your earning potential, make you more marketable to employers, and help you enter a career that you enjoy.

Social work professionals are in demand, as employment is predicted to increase 16% through 2026, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. While salaries depend on experience, degree level, and industry, social workers earn a median annual salary of $47,980.

In-Demand Social Work Areas

Online social work programs allow you to concentrate on an area of the field that interests you. Whether you desire to specialize in helping and improving the lives of children, veterans, or your community, you can find an online social work degree that will help you build your skills for this rewarding yet challenging field.

Social workers who work with individuals, groups, and communities may determine ways to improve resources and conditions for those they serve. They also provide counseling and therapy. Other social workers who work with specific conditions also provide counseling and therapy, but may also advocate for policy improvements and conduct research on their area.

Social workers often develop expertise in the following areas:

Online Social Work Degrees

With one of the many online social work programs available, you can find purpose in your job as you focus on improving the quality of life for others. Through a flexible online format, you’ll be able to fit your studies into your busy schedule. Earning your social work degree online can help you achieve your goals as a successful social worker.

What to Look for In an Online Social Work School?

As you search for the right online social work program, you should look for the following things from the school and program:

  • Affordability
  • Quality
  • Flexible course schedule
  • Skilled instructors
  • Field education
  • Specializations

It is important to ensure that the online program you are interested in is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE). The CSWE has set standards for the quality of social work programs. To receive your social work license, most states require that you have a degree from a program accredited by the CSWE. Also, make sure that the school also holds a regional accreditation.

Common Misconceptions About Online Social Work Degrees

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Where Can an Online Social Work Degree Take You?

With a degree in social work, you can pursue many careers that will allow you to help others and communities.

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Earning a social work degree online in the field can set you on a path towards a rewarding and meaningful career. View our selection of social work online degree programs below.