COVID-19 Guide

A Guide to Online Bachelor’s Degrees Post Pandemic

What undergraduate students should know and how to stay on track amid COVID-19.

Published in partnership with Wiley Education Services, a leading, global provider of technology-enabled education solutions to meet the evolving needs of universities, corporations and learners.

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In a post-pandemic world, what does higher education look like?

While it’s too soon to identify the long-term effects, it’s abundantly clear the landscape for undergraduates has changed dramatically during the COVID-19 pandemic and will continue to shift over time.

Current and prospective students’ plans are changing, as are their priorities. Many who thought they knew exactly where they were going in the fall are now reconsidering, and cost, safety, and flexibility are far more significant factors than before.

The pandemic has led to increased interest in online learning because of social distancing and other advantages of the modality, such as flexibility, affordability, and stability.

This guide, created by online learning experts, is for anyone facing college decisions soon: graduating high school seniors, transfer students, undergraduates who are rethinking plans, non-traditional students, and parents and guardians of college students.

It’s intended to provide an in-depth look at the role of online education in a post-pandemic world — and the opportunities for students to find stability as they pursue academic goals in the midst of uncertainty.

Above all, prospective students need to know their options and understand the ways a robust online degree program will keep their education moving forward.

The Leaders in Online Degree Programs

Considering earning your degree online? You’re not alone. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, roughly 5.4 million students, or 25.8 percent of the college student population, took at least one online class, with almost 3 million students taking online courses exclusively.

Here are few of the leading, non-profit institutions that have a proven record in providing exceptional learning in the online space.

Explore Online Schools by Region:

or view some of the leading international schools.

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