In-Demand Careers in Marketing for 2019

With internet-based marketing exploding over the last decade, the demand for marketing professionals has rapidly increased. Organizations nationwide are seeking those who have skills in writing, videography, graphic design, analytics, and more. There are many careers in marketing, from entry-level positions to executive-level jobs.

Note that all salary information is sourced from PayScale and the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Marketing Coordinator

Median annual salary: $42,787

Marketing coordinators help plan and execute marketing campaigns, product launches, strategic partnerships, and events. They coordinate efforts across teams, assess market trends, research vendors, and may write copy for different outlets, such as social media and direct mail. Generally, a bachelor’s degree in marketing, communications, or another related field is required.

Graphic Designer

Median annual salary: $43,417

One of the more creative jobs within marketing, graphic design involves conceptualizing and creating visual pieces of a marketing strategy that help inform and inspire consumers. Graphic designers typically need a relevant bachelor’s degree and a portfolio of work showcasing their originality and creativity. About one in five graphic designers is self-employed, while others work full time in advertising agencies or in-house marketing teams.

Content Editor

Median annual salary: $46,437

Content editors work with teams of writers to produce high-quality copy for marketing campaigns. They review and prepare content for publication, ensuring that it is free of factual, spelling, and grammatical errors. Content editors work with writers and other staff to make sure that copy and the brand’s voice are consistent across all marketing materials.

Social Media Manager

Median annual salary: $49,264

Social media managers use paid and organic strategies to help companies create engagement on social media platforms. In addition to a relevant bachelor’s degree, social media managers must understand their employer’s industry well enough to provide public thought leadership on its behalf and to network intelligently with potential influencers and clients.

Digital Strategist

Median annual salary: $59,167

Digital strategists collaborate with other marketing team members to determine long-term plans and goals for their company’s products and services. They analyze data to identify the vital information relevant to their organization and its digital products. Digital strategists create content for outreach online — including copy, video, images, and graphics — and enforce their brand’s digital style guide and branding.

Communications Manager

Median annual salary: $63,000

Communications managers help coordinate the flow of information to their company’s internal team and its external audiences. They usually work with a team of creative staff to develop content for an identified audience and subject. Sometimes, communications managers lead a team that is separate from, but liaises with, the marketing department. Generally, at least a bachelor’s degree is required, but a master’s degree may prove to be beneficial.

Market Research Analyst

Median annual salary: $63,120

Market research analysts help companies determine the market for potential products or services. The position requires strong math and analytical skills. Market research analysts monitor and analyze marketing trends, evaluate the effectiveness of marketing strategies, and collect data about market conditions, competitors, and consumers. Most employers require candidates to have at least a bachelor’s degree.

Art Director

Median annual salary: $64,371

Responsible for the visual messaging of their company’s or client’s marketing materials, art directors work with a team to determine and visually communicate a campaign’s message. They collaborate with and manage editors, writers, graphic designers, illustrators, and photographers. Art directors create the overall style and look of their materials, review and approve designs, work with clients to identify their needs, and present products to clients for approval.

Digital Marketing Manager

Median annual salary: $64,756

Digital marketing managers use strategic marketing and project management skills to help companies develop marketing projects. They manage teams across multiple projects and departments. Usually, digital marketing managers report to a marketing manager or vice president of marketing. At least a bachelor’s degree in marketing or a related field is required.

Search Engine Marketing Manager

Median annual salary: $66,135

Search engine marketing managers are responsible for developing, executing, tracking, and analyzing the performance of their company’s site(s) across various search engines. After evaluating traffic reports, keywords, and quality ratings, they make search recommendations for their company. With their findings, they develop an overall online marketing strategy. Typically, search engine marketing managers have several years of experience as a search engine optimization specialist.

Communications Director

Median annual salary: $68,046

Responsible for how a company’s marketing and public relations messages are released to the public, communications directors serve as the company’s spokesperson. They collaborate with other management and executives to develop their company’s values and image and determine the ideal ways to communicate them to the media and public. Communication directors also coordinate marketing campaigns and provide the final approval before marketing materials are distributed. Additionally, they ensure that marketing efforts do not go over budget.

Media Director

Median annual salary: $84,875

Media directors are involved in every step of the development of a marketing campaign, from conception through execution and delivery. They work with clients to determine their needs, develop the vision for campaigns, and lead creative staff to ensure that the brand’s needs are met. They also ensure that marketing campaigns and materials are within budget. Media directors stay up to date on the latest marketing trends. Generally, a bachelor’s degree is required for this career, and many employers prefer candidates with a few years of marketing experience.

Marketing Director

Median annual salary: $84,948

Marketing directors work with other company leaders to create the brand’s identity and branding. They develop and implement marketing strategies, manage budgets, and manage the company’s marketing team. Additionally, marketing directors work with freelancers, consultants, and other suppliers, and they collaborate with their company’s sales team to ensure that work is not being duplicated. They also research and evaluate market trends for their company’s products and services.

Public Relations and Fundraising Manager

Median annual salary: $111,280

Public relations managers create content and direct activities to raise awareness for their company and maintain a good public image. Fundraising managers hold a similar role in nonprofit agencies, but they also secure funding to support the nonprofit’s mission. They create and execute a communication strategy with client groups and audiences. A bachelor’s degree is typically the minimum requirement, but some employers prefer candidates with a master’s degree and at least five years of experience.

Marketing is constantly evolving. Digitization and other macro-trends affect how people buy, what products they like, and what motivates them to make purchases. Marketers stay on top of these trends, responding to customer behavior and leading their companies toward greater revenue growth. With the right credentials, you can enter a dynamic career in marketing.

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