In-Demand Business Jobs

As companies continue to expand and the use of technology increases, a clear pattern is evident: the highest paid, most in-demand careers are those that support the world of business. These positions are both traditional and new, addressing the standard needs of industry as well as the unique challenges of the 21st century. Here are nine of the highest-opportunity positions we predict for the year ahead.

9 of the Most In-Demand Business Jobs for 2019

This business careers list will focus on roles predicted to be top earning and in high demand in 2019. All salary information comes from PayScale, while projected growth rates come from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

1. Data Scientist

Average salary: $90,478
Projected growth rate by 2026:

Data scientists are fast becoming a key part of many companies, especially ones that operate online. These professionals work within an organization’s IT department to develop data models and process statistics that will help improve their company’s bottom line. Social media giants like Facebook and YouTube, for example, use data scientists to mine the massive amounts of information they collect about their users and to develop algorithms to increase user interaction. Daily duties of these professionals may include building new processes for data mining, developing prototypes, and executing proofs of concept. This position usually requires a master’s degree.

2. Product Manager

Average salary: $82,178
Projected growth rate by 2026:

Product managers are responsible for overseeing development of a company’s products and services. Their work may involve conducting user research, laying out the product’s roadmap for development, analyzing competitors, and meeting quality control standards. They also track expenses, create performance reports, and collaborate with engineers and product marketers.

Product managers require excellent leadership skills. These professionals generally require a bachelor’s degree.

3. Marketing Manager

Average salary: $63,785
Projected growth rate by 2026:

Marketing managers are individuals in charge of sales campaigns, advertising, and merchandising within their companies. They may oversee budgets and marketing plans, develop promotional campaigns, negotiate contracts, plan and analyze market research studies, build pricing strategies, hire employees, and other related tasks. Those who work as marketing managers must have excellent analytical, communication, and decision-making skills. They must also be creative and good at working with others. Most of these professionals have at least a bachelor’s degree, and all must have previous experience in the industry.

4. Account Executive

Average salary: $51,776
Projected growth rate by 2026:

Account executives are mainly responsible for finding their companies new customers and nurturing those relationships. They are responsible for determining client needs and ensuring those needs are met to the best of their ability. These professionals may be responsible for presenting sales pitches, designing marketing strategies, communicating with clients, writing reports, handling budgets, and other related duties. Those who work in this role must be self-starters, have good attention to detail, and anticipate needs. Account executive positions generally require a bachelor’s degree.

5. Accountant

Average salary: $50,607
Projected growth rate by 2026:

Accountants are responsible for helping entities manage financial records. Their responsibilities may include reviewing financial statements, preparing tax returns, maintaining financial records, suggesting ways to increase profits and reduce costs, and other related duties. Those in this field may also choose to specialize in working for certain types of clients, such as the government, individuals, or major corporations. At least a bachelor’s degree is needed for this position. Additionally, they are legally obligated to pass a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam.

6. HR Manager

Average salary: $65,433
Projected growth rate by 2026:

Human resources (HR) managers oversee all aspects of employee support within a company. This might include hiring and firing workers, creating policies, and compliance with state and federal laws. These professionals also handle procedures involving employee benefits, vacation, sick leave, and maternity leave. Human resource managers contribute to their company’s bottom line by both hiring skilled workers and ensuring the benefits offered by their organization are competitive. Entering this role requires at least a bachelor’s degree.

7. Customer Success Manager

Average salary: $66,659
Projected growth rate by 2026:

Customer success managers ensure that a company’s customers remain satisfied with the products and services they purchase. Their ultimate goal is to retain business. Relationship building is a key element in this role, as are communication and leadership. Duties include acting as a first point of contact for new customers, assessing their usage and satisfaction with products and services, and fixing problems should they arise. At least three years in a customer service role are usually expected for applicants to this job, as is familiarity with business software. A bachelor’s degree is required for this role.

8. Solutions Architect

Average salary: $115,868
Projected growth rate by 2026:

Solutions architects are problem-solvers. They identify current issues within their organizations, create and implement ideas for improvement, and they map out future goals to help keep companies competitive. Their tasks may include brainstorming ideas, developing ways to test and document company operations, and translating business objectives into real-world results. To be a solutions architect requires exceptional communication skills, a range of software knowledge, the ability to lead, and the capacity to focus on problems for an extended period of time. These professionals may work in a number of areas within the business world, including quality assurance, business development, mentoring, and management. An education in computer science is expected for this role.

9. Product Designer

Average salary: $79,614
Projected growth rate by 2026:

“Product designer” is an umbrella term that encompasses both UX and UI design roles. In general, these professionals are responsible for crafting the customer’s experience of a product. UX designers consider aspects such as a product’s intuitive usability, while UI designers might handle a site’s or app’s layout and aesthetics. Product designers both create new designs and improve upon older ones. Product designers require at least a bachelor’s degree.

These positions are applicable to entry-level employees, those seeking a career change, and those ready to become leaders in their field. For those looking for high-opportunity careers, they also offer the chance to increase your earning potential and professionally advance.

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