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King strives to ensure education is affordable. King is proud to offer one of the lowest tuitions in the region, with financial aid available to all who qualify. The majority of King University’s online bachelor’s programs are $305 per credit hour.

King also offers a variety of scholarships and qualifies for federal financial aid, helping offset the total cost of your education.

Transfer Policy

At King University, students can transfer up to 76 credits toward their bachelor’s degree program.

Online Student Experience

At King University, an online degree is more than just a credential. It’s a path towards a more meaningful career.

  • Ultimate Flexibility. Online learning makes it possible for students to earn their degree conveniently. Students can choose when and where they attend class, allowing them to earn their degree while still maintaining commitments to work and life.

  • Study at Your Own Pace. Learning in an online format allows students to adjust their academic path based on their personal preferences. Students have the chance to spend as much time with instructional materials as needed. Plus, multiple start dates allow students to adjust their track to graduation.

  • A Community of Learning. King University’s online programs offer the same course of study and level of academic rigor as our on-campus counterparts. Students have access to the same experienced faculty and faith-based learning environment, allowing them to connect with their peers in a caring community atmosphere.

  • Become a Leader. Online students are unique. The independent nature of their learning format means those who pursue the path are exceptionally motivated, with an unwavering drive to succeed. Those who graduate from King University’s online programs do so with an increased understanding of their own fortitude and excellence.

Online Associate and Bachelor’s Degrees

Here are few of the online associate and bachelor’s degrees offered at King University:

King University

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